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A company is a form of business ownership, this kind of business may be private or public. The laws of states authorize the private business with the supervision of the government. A company has its own legal identity located separately from its owners (may be a natural or an artificial persons).

Owners are shareholders and have limited liability to the actions of the company, while in most cases the company has unlimited liability as well as various rights and obligations. A company can be authorized for profit and non-profit purposes.

RAGY & PARTNERS LAW FIRM - ATTORNEYS & COUNSELORS AT LAW has the ability to create tight relationships with clients. We understand our clients' legal requirements and execute them effectively. We use comprehensive practices and unique legal skills to value add to their business and to assist corporate decision-makers in discovering and implementing lawful and effective solutions. In doing so RPLF achieves the clients' goals and objectives in both the long-term and the short-term.

RPLF's main goal is to assist and provide its clients with the best legal services on corporate matters and commercial practices. We have sufficient understanding of the needs of cross-border trade, domestic, foreign and international businesses, joint venture projects and multinational enterprises in the Middle East particularly in Egypt.

RPLF's legal services are capable of establishing all kinds of companies such as:

- Holding companies and its subsidiaries;
- Foreign companies and their commercial representation agencies or offices;
- Free zone companies;
- Offshore companies;
- Association of capital such as:

Joint-stock companies
Limited liability companies
Partnerships limited by shares

- Individual companies such as:

General partnerships
Limited partnerships
Particular partnerships

RPLF has established all of these companies through the applicable laws of the Middle East.

RPLF represents clients in dealing with the Egyptian Capital Market Authority (CMA) and the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones in Egypt, on drafting and reviewing the articles of incorporate and the company’s articles of association. We use the experienced benefits in obtaining, on behalf of our clients all the official documents related to the establishment process such as the certificate of incorporation, the commercial registry, the newspaper publication of the company and finally the tax card from the Egyptian Tax Authority. We have successfully delivered all these legal services in Egypt and in collaboration with our partners in success throughout the Middle East.

RPLF provides clients with the highest quality of legal services, subsequent to the establishment process such as the need for amendments concerning the commercial registry and the Tax Card. We prepare all papers, materials and agendas of the company’s activities such as meetings of the general assembly, boards of directors, meetings of directors and voting issues as well as all papers of public bidding, public sales and tenders, with professionalism and within the boundaries of the law.

RPLF’s services include the necessary legal studies, research, analytical and comparative studies related to Egyptian legislation and other Nations legislation, taking into account the differences among these.

RPLF provides clients with effective legal opinions in all significant branches of law such as Constitutional law, Administrative law, Civil law, Criminal law, Procedural law, Commercial law, Corporate law, Arbitration law and Intellectual Property law. We provide our clients with assessments of their business transactions and deals according to the clients' legal priorities.

RPLF’s participates with clients in adopting and enforcing all kinds of decisions in order to achieve the clients' goals, objectives and strategies as well as using the appropriate measures to protect their business plans and to shun and avoid such any disputes.

RPLF has a specialized team with  the ability to maintain and protect a client’s business operations and to provide them with the necessary requirements of relating to matters of the law, including daily legal reports of the businesses and industries such as construction, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, sports, media, entertainment, oil and gas, marketing and distribution, food and drug, intellectual property matters, strategic alliances, telecommunications, electronic commerce, banks, hotels and resorts, tourism, restaurants, rental agencies, timeshare offers, and non-profit institutions and organizations, etc.

RPLF has provided its legal services to small, medium and large-sized businesses all over the Middle East particularly in Egypt.

RPLF has the willingness to work alongside clients when they come to legal structuring and restructuring of capital and management.  We support the emergence and growth of the business, securities, trusts, acquisitions, transferable and un-transferable shares and allocations of assets and funds.


As independent counsel, RPLF provides clients with professional advice, they come to internal and external auditors, experts, tax experts, consultants, appraisers and issues of customs clearance. Our experienced team has the ability to assist our clients in achieving their business goals and objectives, through various tools and unique techniques, depending on the clients' needs. 

RPLF provides clients with the much-needed awareness about their Civil and Criminal responsibilities, in particularly about the best techniques to close their commercial and industrial activities with minimum risks of liability.

RPLF safely conducts clients with debts, bankruptcy proceedings, bankruptcy-related disputes, international insolvency and all related issues, which they may face.

RPLF has significant experience in carrying out all legal procedures on behalf of its clients, including fully protecting their rights and assets. We represent our clients appearing before courts concerning claims and all kinds of responsibility lawsuits from/against individuals, companies, boards of directors, meetings of directors, chairpersons, directors, partners, shareholders and employees in the Middle East particularly in Egypt.