Information Technology (IT)/Communications



Our philosophy is based on the importance of providing and acquiring information to our Great Clients and to ourselves in order to mitigate risks and gain benefits. 


Information Technology (IT) includes hardware and software industries. Communications refers to the transfer process of voice, image, data or other information by cable or satellite transmission or internet providers, communications by telephone, services of mobiles, televisions and radio, services of facsimile, telex and telegram, maintenance of communication networks. Along with other processes that allow the transmission of information over a distance for the purpose of communicating from a sender to a receiver by electrical or electronic means. These are an important part of economies and as such require thorough planning and controlling through laws of the activities of businesses throughout the world.

Information Technology (IT) and Communications' equipment can be found in every office, factory, company and home throughout the word.

Egypt provides a prosperous climate for investment in IT and Communications. The Egyptian government is working hard to provide the right environment for investors. The government has followed the universal trend in adopting and implementing several policies aimed at developing and enhancing the information technology society and communications.

In 1999, Egypt established the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In February 2003, the Telecom Act No. 10 was issued to regulate all types of communications in Egypt through eighty-seven articles and in April 2004, the E-Signature Act No. 15 was also issued through thirty articles to govern all types of electronic writing and signing as well as the authenticity of electronic documents and electronic commerce.

We here at RAGY & PARTNERS LAW FIRM - ATTORNEYS & COUNSELORS AT LAW spare no effort to make our teamwork up to date with recent legislations and regulations governing the information technology and communications sector in the Middle East particularly in Egypt.

RPLF has a comprehensive knowledge base to provide clients with the necessary legal studies and opinions to be informed of all the legal benefits and risks related to their business investments in this sector.

RPLF has highly qualified specialists working on IT and Communication matters, including but not limited to negotiating, drafting and reviewing all types of contracts and/or agreements concerning these sectors. We assist clients in dealing with all ministries, governmental entities and the administrative authorities. In particularly those in Egypt such as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Smart Village in order to achieve the specific needs of the client such as licenses, authorizations and the necessary approvals concerning these sectors mentioned herein.

RPLF delivers the highest quality legal services to clients in order to create success by maximizing their benefits and minimizing any risks that might arise out of their businesses and investments.

RPLF provides clients with significant advice generated from both academic and on the ground practices on their commercial risks and liabilities, including both rights and duties in accordance with the applicable laws in the Middle East particularly in Egypt.

RPLF rapidly growing client base is carefully instructed in how to adopt and carry out important decisions and effective legal procedures in relation to protecting their rights and business plans. We use appropriate strategies in both positions as the plaintiff or the defendant before all levels of the courts in litigation lawsuits, before all stages of arbitration panels and the various forms of the Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR as well as representing them in all attempts to firstly obtain an amicable settlement with the opponent.