Legal Translation Service



Lack of legal background may lead to fatal translation mistakes. 


Translation is a challenging process in itself. One of these challenges is the mistranslation of the original texts. In understanding this, RPLF hired a team of professional translators and interpreters who have the necessary education, experience and capacity to translate original texts efficiently and effectively. RPLF offers this kind of service for three significant reasons:

- To deliver the message effectively; 
- To make sure that our clients' information remains confidential and in-house;
- To guarantee that all texts and documents are free of translation mistakes

RPLF bears all such responsibilities on its burden. The crucial problem, which any translation office may encounter, is the lack of sufficient legal knowledge and vocabulary of legal matters. Therefore, our translators are equipped with the necessary knowledge of law and language to accomplish such a task.



 How far have we moved beyond the constraints of translation?
          This is the main objective of our translators’ team.

RPLF has qualified translators, who have obtained legal translation education, training and experience for translating these kinds of texts.


 RPLF’s in-house translation staff guarantees clients effective methods of conveying the meaning of original documents, getting the accuracy during the translation process and providing them with highly professional solutions for their needs.


 RPLF is confident that clients will appreciate the presented legal translation services and entrust us more-and-more with their crucial matters.

RPLF’s highly experienced translators are currently available to translate from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English, in the near future, we intend to have specialized departments in other languages.


 RPLF’s legal translation services cover the following:

  • Articles of legislations, bylaws and regulations, etc;
  • Power of Attorneys, proxies, licenses and authorizations;
  • Litigation documents such  as:

- Court rulings
- Injunctions and lawsuits
- Claims, counterclaims and legal briefs
-  Objections, petitions and  acknowledgments
- Disposals, challenging reports, allegation of forgery, appeals and reversal of judgment

  • Arbitration documents such as:

- Claims or counterclaim statements
- Defense statements and reports of experts and consultants
- Arbitral awards and annulment statements

  • Corporate documents such as:

- Contracts and/or agreements, reports, letters, e-mails and facsimiles
- Articles of incorporation, the company’s articles of association, meetings of the companies, boards of directors, tax return statements, auditing reports and tenders

  • Applications to foreign bodies and institutes;
  • Rules of organizations, institutions, agencies, bodies and centers;
  • Intellectual property works such as:

- Licenses, patents and trademarks

  • contracts and/or agreements of real estate such as:

- Buying and selling, leasing  or renting transactions
- Installment sale


 RPLF receives its clients’ documents via all means of communication, such as by hand, registered mail, facsimile, E-mail, html, word, excel, PDF, etc. We deal with it and gladly deliver translations to our clients ready for printing and on time.



 RPLF offers competitive prices. You have to trust us when we talk about the quality of our translated texts. As well as perfect solutions, we offer to effectively convey the source language into the target language.


 What makes us different ?

Many disputes arise out of translation mistakes, for the simple reason that often translators are not aware of legal knowledge and have a lack of legal background. At RAGY & PARTNERS LAW FIRM - ATTORNEYS & COUNSELORS LAW FIRM, there is another story, our translators work together with our Attorneys & Counselors at Law. All texts are reviewed by them. Therefore, we guarantee that our translations will be the best.

If you require any assistance related to our legal translation services, you can contact us directly at:

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